Typically used for vehicle graphics or mounted presentation boards, vinyl printing is a great way to advertise your business or project.


Ian Best - Vehicle Graphics


Logos, company names, artwork, photos - whatever it is, an advertising display on your vehicle hugely increases your brand awareness. 

Using adhesive vinyl, I mount the work on to boards using pressure rollers, or laminate it on to exteriors. Whether you'd prefer a medium-sized graphic featuring your logo, or graphics that wrap around the entire vehicle, I can deliver any job easily and efficiently.

Ian Best - Presentation Boards


Examples of presentation boards include those used inside cultural venues to display upcoming events, or inside bus terminals to show travel timetables. Essential information should be displayed clearly, so a mounted presentation board is a good choice.

My presentation boards have been used for projects such as as consultation boards for solar panel development companies and to accompany activity areas inside Techniquest.

I have recommended Ian to clients, colleagues and friends alike and they inform me the service is of the same high standard. We want the best, we expect the best and we get the best thanks to Best in Graphics.
— Blanket Communications